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200,000 Gallon Frac Tank for Water Storage

FAQ: What are the fitting options for a 200,000 gallon frac water tank?

A customer was interested in a 200,000 gallon frac water tank to use in his oil field storage location. Rather than using a steel tank, this customer was interested in specifications for a flexible storage option. See options on a flexible frac tank in the inquiry below.frac water tank

Question: I am interested in a 200,000 to 250,000 gallon frac tank for water. Please give me advice on fitting options and information about shipping to Western Canada.

Answer: Thanks for contacting us! The Flexible Frac Tank is an excellent choice for water storage in oilfields, fraccing sites and more. Flexible frac tank options include standard sizes up to 210,000 gallons for bulk liquid storage in your location.

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Flexible Frac Tank Construction

The flexible frac tank is a large capacity flexible tank designed to help with storage of frac fluids, process water and other oilfield water storage needs. These flexible tanks are built with robust materials that equip them to handle various liquids and capacities up to 210,000 gallons.

When compared to steel fraccing units which can hold around 500 BBL in a single tank, the 210,000 gallon unit can hold up to 5000 BBL. The standard fabric used on these flexible tanks is a 32 or 34 oz. urethane. This robust material is built to handle the weight of this capacity as well as liquids commonly stored inside these tanks.

Flexible Frac Tank Advantages

In addition to larger capacities, these flexible frac tank can also offer several other advantages to help with the storage of these liquids. Some of the most common advantages include the following:

  • Minimized Footprint
  • Less Tanks Required
  • Operating Temperatures: -58 F to 180 F
  • Portable and Easy to Deploy
  • 50% Better Heat Retention than Steel
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Large Capacities
  • Multiple Fitting Options (Ball Valves, Drain Ports, Vents)

Frac Water Tank Sales Office and Shipping Information

All of our sales for Water Storage Tanks do go through our sales office located in Florida, USA. However, we do ship globally and are happy to ship a 200000 gallon frac water tank or several tanks to your location in Canada.

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For pricing information on a 200000 gallon frac water tank, please feel free to request a price quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at +1-863-261-8388.