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Water Tank Trailer

1010 Gallon DOT Compliant

Enhance your water transport experience legally driving on state roads with the advanced EP-DOT Series Trailer collection, exclusively provided by One Clarion. Featuring the dynamic performance of a Honda® engine, the precision of a Banjo® pump, and the assurance of a DOT light kit (lights, brakes & fenders that comply with DOT standards). These trailers have been meticulously engineered to not only meet but surpass all established regulatory benchmarks.

Note: We also offer NON-DOT (Off-Road) water trailers.  Please visite our Water Trailer page for more trailers!

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1010 Gallons Trailer Features

  • Electric Brakes, Fenders, & LED Lighting
  • 5.5 hp Honda GX160 engine
  • 2” Banjo Self-Priming Centrifugal Polypropylene Pump, 195 gpm/45 psi
  • Highway Rated 235/80 R16 10 PLY DOT Tires & Wheels
  • 50’ Rust Free Hose Reel with 3/4” Hose, Fire Nozzle
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Optional Water Tank Baffle

1010 Gallons Trailer Benefits

  • Fully DOT Compliant for Public RoadwayTransportation
  • Small Turning Radius and Easy to Maneuver
  • Built for Heavy Hauling, On or Off Road
  • Designed for Stable Weight Distribution
  • Low Maintenance
  • Controlled Water Use
  • Sprays Water Where You Need It

1010 Gallons Water Tank Trailer Specifications

Length 195"
Width 73"
Height 78"
Hose Size 2"/Black Fertilizer
Size (US Gallons) 1,010
Dry Weight (lbs) 1,650
Tires 235/80 R16 10 PLY DOT Tire & Wheel
DOT Compliant Yes
Frame Construction 6" x 2" Rectangle Tubing
Axle(s) 2 x 7,000 lbs. Slipper Spring
Tank Type Poly sump bottom transport tank
Hitch Type 20,000 lbs. 2-5/16" Ball
Brakes Electric with emergency breakaway (2 x Axle)
Fenders Yes
Electrical Plug 7 Pole RV Plug
Motor Honda® GX160 5.5 HP
Pump 2" Banjo® Centrifugal Poly, 195 GPM
Valve Fittings 2" Banjo® sweep manifold
Lights DOT compliant clearance, stop, turn, tail, license


Flyers to Download:

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Enduraplas Sump Bottom Tank on Wheels

Take all the amazing features of the Enduraplas Sump Bottom Tank (link to page), and place it on a DOT trailer designed for safe and secure liquid transport, add some convenient features to enhance it’s usability, and you have our Enduraplas DOT Water Tank Trailer.

    black sump tank on trailer
  • No need to wait months for delivery!  Enduraplas Water Wagon Trailers ship (on average) 5-6 weeks from when your order is placed!

  • Leave no liquid behind.  The Sump bottom tank allows you to fully drain the tank, making the most of every precious bit of liquid solution. 

  • DOT compliant.  This trailer includes all the features required to be DOT compliant, including lights, electric brakes, fenders, and more. You can rest easy knowing  you are traveling safely.

  • Seamless tank: leaves no weak spots for breaking or leaks.  These made to be incredibly strong and will take whatever your job site dishes out.  (see video)

  • Comes with fire hoze and nozzle, for easy spraying discharge.  The rear spray nozzles are positioned at the corners for maximum coverage.

  • Securely Fastened.  The Enduraplas Pin Mount System can’t be beat for safely securing your nurse tank trailer for transport.  Far more effective than the standard band system, you won’t be disappointed.  While it has a built in baffle system, there are additional baffling options available also. Ask us!

See Why Enduraplas is in Demand!

Enduraplas Advantage

No hoops or bands needed

Enduraplas Warranty

1010 gallon Water Tank Trailer Accessories

lidAnti Splash Lid
A water wagon is only as strong as its lid. When you brake, your tank’s lid must withstand up to 3,200 gallons of sloshing liquid. Our Anti-Splash™ Lid is constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that keeps your heaviest loads from breaking out of the lid and wasting your valuable liquids. And thanks to its heavy-duty locking mechanism, this lid is tough to break into as well. Once you try this lid, you’ll never go back to the cheaper plastic version again!

tank baffleBaffle Balls & Baffle System
Enhancing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in liquid transportation, a baffle system stands as a paramount innovation. Read about the importance of a water tank trailer’s baffling system below!

Benefits of a Baffling System:

  • Elevated Stability: Picture internal partitions within a tank - baffles adeptly curtail liquid sloshing and swaying during transportation. This translates into heightened stability, mitigating the risk of accidents, rollovers, or loss of control, particularly during abrupt maneuvers, braking, or directional shifts.

  • Optimized Handling: The fluid movement within a tank can significantly impact vehicle handling and control, particularly with larger tanks or substantial liquid loads. A proficient baffle system steps in to mitigate this movement, elevating overall vehicle handling and control.

  • Structural Strain Reduction: Dynamic forces generated by liquid motion can imperil a tank's structure over time. Baffles emerge as guardians, distributing these forces evenly, thus extending the tank's structural integrity and operational lifespan.

  • Minimized Liquid Loss: The aftermath of excessive liquid sloshing often involves wasteful spillage, splashing, and potential environmental contamination. Baffles redefine the narrative by containing liquid movement more effectively, reducing wastage, and safeguarding our ecological balance.

  • Balanced Load Distribution: Baffles shine in their ability to ensure an even distribution of the liquid cargo's weight throughout the tank. This vital aspect averts imbalances that could otherwise jeopardize vehicle stability and performance.

  • Enhanced Transportation Safety: The ripple effect of reduced liquid movement and heightened stability, courtesy of a baffle system, resonates into safer driving conditions. This is a boon for both operators and fellow road users.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Certain transportation regulations and industry benchmarks mandate baffle deployment to ensure secure and responsible liquid transport, further fortifying safety on our roads.

  • Optimized Payload: The seamless distribution of load weight, coupled with diminished liquid movement, empowers vehicles to efficiently bear maximum payloads. This streamlined efficiency translates to heightened productivity and reduced required trips.

  • Unmatched Versatility: Baffle systems effortlessly adapt across various liquid transport vehicles - whether tanker trucks, trailers, railcars, or marine vessels. This versatility renders them indispensable across a spectrum of industries such as agriculture, chemical transport, oil and gas, and beyond.

  • Guardians of the Environment: In a bid to protect our planet, baffle systems assume a pivotal role. By constraining liquid sloshing, they significantly lower the risk of spills and leaks, thereby reducing the potential for environmental harm and the associated cleanup costs.

Introducing the Robust Pin-Mount™ System:

mount pin system close upUnleash a new era of tank security through Enduraplas’ groundbreaking Pin-Mount™ system. Merging heavy-duty mounting pins with expertly molded lugs, this system redefines the very concept of tank anchoring. In a rigorous trial, our Pin-Mount™ system astoundingly withstood an imposing 26,000 lbs. of force as we suspended a water-filled tank upside down from a crane. Step into a world where tank security is no longer a concern – it's a certainty.

Join us as we pave the path toward liquid transportation excellence. Elevate not only your tank's safety and security but also enhance efficiency and environmental responsibility through these transformative solutions.

sight gauge Sight Gauge
Choose from either a bolted or threaded sight gauge (optional) on your tank to quickly see the liquid levels in your tank. Factory installed.



pump cover drawingPump Cover
As the old adage goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This rings especially true for your pump cover. Designed to shield your pump from unforeseen road hazards during transit or while in use with your nurse tank trailer, this protective feature ensures that potential damage is mitigated before it escalates into a costly predicament.


Water Wagon Trailer Applications

We specialize in providing top-quality water wagon trailers that are designed to meet a wide range of industrial, agricultural, and commercial needs. The Enduraplas trailers are reliable and versatile water trailers are equipped to transport and distribute water efficiently, making them an essential asset for a variety of applications.

  • Construction Professionals: If you're involved in construction, our water wagon trailers are your ideal solution for dust control, site compaction, and efficient mixing of concrete and construction materials on-site.

  • Agricultural Excellence: For farmers, our water wagon trailers offer essential support for irrigating fields, tending to livestock, and evenly distributing water for fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, they serve as a valuable tool for rural firefighting.

  • Landscaping Mastery: Maintain the beauty of lawns, gardens, and landscaping features effortlessly with our water trailers. Keep plants, trees, and shrubs hydrated for a thriving outdoor environment.

  • Municipal Maintenance: Municipalities and road maintenance crews rely on our water trailers to cleanse streets, roads, and sidewalks, washing away debris and maintaining clean, safe surroundings.

  • Event Organization: Outdoor events, festivals, and fairs are made smoother with our water trailers. Provide clean drinking water, uphold hygiene facilities, and manage dust effectively.

  • Emergency Responders: In times of disaster, our water trailers become lifelines by swiftly delivering clean drinking water to affected communities, playing a crucial role in disaster recovery.

  • Industrial Operations: Mining and quarrying operations benefit from our water wagon trailers by ensuring dust suppression, equipment cooling, and supporting various water-dependent industrial processes.

  • Sports Field Champions: Maintain pristine sports fields with ease using our water trailers. Soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and golf courses stay in optimal condition for peak performance.

  • Entertainment Industry: The film and television sector utilizes our water trailers for special effects, set construction, and diverse production needs, contributing to seamless on-screen magic.

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: Experience the freedom of the great outdoors with our water trailers, perfect for camping, off-road escapades, and any outdoor activity where a portable water source is essential.

No matter your field or passion, our water wagon trailers stand ready to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and convenience. Discover the right fit for you – contact us today to explore our comprehensive water trailer solutions.

1010 gallon Water Tank Trailers- Use with Chemicals

Our poly tanks are not confined to water alone. Embrace a world of possibilities by utilizing them for various liquid chemical solutions, broadening your operational scope. These tanks are engineered to accommodate a myriad of chemical applications, exemplifying their adaptability across diverse industrial, agricultural, and commercial needs. However. your safety is paramount. Consult our chemical compatibility chart to ensure safe use of your new water tank trailer with specific chemicals.

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